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The Dōmaru Services
We provide expertise in the following areas for your best PPE response.
Direct to Dock
We’ll secure the bulk PPE and health products your team needs and deliver in full, direct to your dock for immediate use. Direct to dock programs are the most efficient process when you have sufficient storage resources and are prepared to manage on-sight inventory.
Stock to Ship
Typically 6 month to 2 year terms where we secure all items locally (to lock in pricing and availability), then provide a scalable warehousing solution with monthly, twice monthly, or weekly deliveries to maintain a regular rhythm of product for your ongoing operations.
Pack and Compile ‍
Products often come in optimized ways to fit shipping logistics, however that may not fit your requirements. We can pack items to reasonable specs, when needed, and even compile products for different locations or departments to streamline delivery. (service fees may apply)
Shipping and Delivery‍‍
We coordinate all logistics for bulk delivery and arrive to your dock during pre-scheduled times. Clear communication makes the process go smoothly and precision with pallets, allows us to maximize deliveries while managing freight costs. We also have the capabilities to manage various shipments to multiple locations or to numerous departments at a single location.
Inventory Management ‍‍‍
When warehousing goods on your behalf, we can be your assistant for inventory management. We enjoy working closely with procurement as well as on-sight receiving/inventory managers to continuously verify inventory levels, develop proper timing for re-stock, and make sure that your PPE strategy is always on point.
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