We are Domaru
We take great pride in being the support and supply behind your front line efforts.
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Your PPE supply chain shouldn’t be complicated.
We exist because big PPE suppliers aren't willing to bring clarity and adaptability to the purchasing process. We thought it was time someone stepped up.
Gary Sikes | CEO
With over 25 years leading businesses in areas of branding, marketing, software, and product development...
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Brian Cowell | COO
If it can be built, Brian is the guy to make it happen! His experience in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain...
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Ryan Aday | VP Sales
With decades of sales success across multiple industries, Ryan has become an expert in crafting the right solutions...
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The Story of Dōmaru
And the origin of protection.
Domaru (Do-maru) literally means ‘body wrap’ and is a style of Japanese armour that was commonly worn by Samurai as they provided protection for their people and lands. In a similar way, we provide you with the coverings or armour to protect your people and your organization, as you perform essential tasks to help and protect your patients. Characterized by precision, accuracy, and quality, your team will have the products you need to fight effectively on the front line.
Setting ourselves apart.
Getting the product you need should be easy.